Hello everyone from Pia Didomenico. Today I’m posting som ewebsites to practice and check the marvelous ¬¬ list of irregular verbs.

Check these links and make the attempt.



Practice from here (Passive voice)

>> http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/passive/exercises?02

>> http://www.autoenglish.org/gr.pas.i.htm

>> http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/passive/exercises?simple-past

See you and good luck!

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I’m posting today some useful sites to practise your English.


Enjoy them!

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Hi everyone! You can see here a video of this nice song called “She’s a rainbow” by The Rolling Stones.

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Hello everyone, today I’m sharing a blog I came across so you can listen to some students ( from Spain) practising their PET Speaking examination.
They make some mistakes but it’s OK, what I want you to do is comparing and practising parts 2 and 3, making suggestions and describing photographs.
Click Here to go to this blog.

TIP: use English words, synonyms, avoid using ” How do you say …. in English?

Good luck!!

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Wonderful videoclip made by the students of Friends United 1B. They had to play Charades to review vocabulary about Habits and Routines, their classmates had to guess what activites they were making. Congratulations!

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You have here some parts, and a weblink about this fun episode from Seinfeld, The Jimmy.



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Today I’m posting a website which in fact was suggested by my own 15-year-old students. Its name is idesktop.net and it’s a kind of Pictionary but online. You have to choose different rooms according to the language, and level.

First choose the language you’re interested in (English, French,Spanish, German, Dutch, etc.), then the level Easy or Expert ( and a lot more) and be ready to try to guess what other people around the world are drawing, besides drawing yourself!

My students love this site because they have to be alert all the time, it’s easyto play and they have a lot of fun.

Check it you don’t need to be registered.


i hope you like it.

Sebastian . Catamarca, Northwest of Argentina

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Hello. Here you have the solution to the jigsaw. I got one answer and it was right. I’ll give the prizes on Wednesday.

See you

Pon fotos sin limite en slide.com GRATIS!!!

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